An Eagle today, a leader tomorrow!

American International University (AIU) has been created to provide an authentic American education in Kuwait, where students can earn a top tier degree in a range of fields that are of utmost importance to our 21st century world. An AIU education is designed to encourage our students to become university graduates who are innovators and entrepreneurs.

Connect with Us!

The Office of Student Engagement is located on the 3rd floor of Building B (the Student Center) in Office B-305

For questions or more information, please contact us at:

Tel: +965 22262500 + ext.3254

The Experience

The American university experience isn't just about attending classes and earning a degree. It's about connecting with your peers and making life-long friendships, experiences that help shape your future and career path. Having an active campus life can also help you develop leadership and communication skills while providing a social network of like-minded peers. 

At AIU, students can take advantage of numerous student life services such as student-run clubs, student government, a college bookstore, a game room/lounge for recreation, and on-campus restaurants for meals and socializing. By participating in various student life activities, AIU students enhance their education while helping create a robust university community.

At AIU, students have the opportunity to become involved and contribute to the campus community through participation in student clubs, organizations, and student leadership.