Unveiling Innovation: Kuwait Shines at International AI Youth Forum 

In a significant stride towards technological advancement, Kuwait marked its presence prominently at the recent International Youth Forum on Artificial Intelligence, held from April 27 to May 2. This prestigious event gathered youthful innovators from across Arab and European nations to discuss the future of AI and showcase groundbreaking projects. The forum became a confluence of ideas with experts from diverse sectors including medicine, sports, engineering, and manufacturing enriching the dialogue.


AIU was at the forefront with our very own student, Humood Hammad Al Enezi chosen to represent Kuwait, underscoring the vibrant potential of our youth and educational institutions. This selection in collaboration with the Youth Public Authority and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was not just an honor; it was a testament to the rigorous academic and practical training provided at AIU. 

Humood, a standout student from AIU, carried the dual responsibility of representing both Kuwait and the educational sector, showcasing his project which integrates AI to revolutionize diagnostics. His involvement highlighted not only his exceptional prowess in AI but also the university's commitment to nurturing talents capable of competing on global platforms. 


The conference facilitated an environment where participants like Humood could interact freely with international peers and experts. This not only broadened their horizons but also paved the way for future collaborations and innovations. 

Our project, which focuses on enhancing medical diagnostics through AI, stood out among entries from 32 countries, earning a spot as one of the top 5 AI projects in the entire Arab world at the second Artificial Intelligence Conference. This accolade is a significant achievement for Kuwait and places our research at the cutting edge of regional innovation.

The recognition of our project and Humood’s exemplary representation at the forum not only brings pride to AIU but also inspires a new generation of scientists and innovators in Kuwait and beyond. It proves that with the right support and resources, young minds can contribute significantly to the global dialogue on technology and innovation. 

As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to hosting this conference in Kuwait in the coming years, aiming to further solidify our position in the global AI community. This opportunity to host demonstrates our growing influence and commitment to advancing AI education and research, promising a future where Kuwaiti innovations are synonymous with excellence on the world stage. 

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and watch our talented youth like Humood break new ground in AI and beyond! 

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